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Forex factory news


Forex factory news

Forex factory news the economic indicators have to be very attentive to its activity since changes are randomly, have a daily informer support to making good decisions.

I think that the most important Forex Factory, is undoubtedly the economic calendar of news that can be made to move currencies, such as the presentation of the minutes of the FED, rates of employment, trade balance, etc. of each country or region, such as the EU.

Forex Trading especially attracts the day traders, speculators seeking to profit within a working day. Some seek gains in a few minutes, some in an hour, and others within a few hours.

To succeed in this form of speculation is essential to be well informed, since an economic information of the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, or some of the other central banks can be a spectacular move in a short period of time, that will make sure our positions are literally barridas.forex-factory logo.

At that time the market volatility increases dramatically, and there are many professional traders who prefer not to have open positions in those moments, precisely because it is very difficult to know towards where it can move a currency.

Before a seemingly good news, Forex can react in reverse than expected, only that it was not as good as there was speculation, and the opposite for a seemingly bad news.

For a day trader forex Rookie, even for some who take a time in the markets, it becomes very difficult to know the scope of certain news, others are obviously important, even for who not are dedicated exclusively to the forex, it is important to be informed of what is happening in the market

Forex Factory Calendar economic calendar

An observation that I have not done on Forex Factory, is a page completely in English. Personally not have problems, but not because my knowledge of English are high, but because as browser use Chrome and I translated automatically all the pages in any language that not is the Spanish. I would love a Forex Factory in Spanish, but at the moment does not exist.

When you enter the tab Forex Factory calendar you will be able to get an economic calendar in real time, you can see the date of the day, the hour which will produce is the news, the majors forex or currencies to which they affect and next to it a symbol of yellow, Orange and red, depending on the impact that the news will have on the behaviour of the price.

Next to these options, then have a folder in the same line with them explanations to the news, in which can click and get more information: as affected those same news in the last, in that is exactly the news, articles related and that you can give a dimension of the scope of that news in the quote, etc.

Finally, we have at our disposal, a graph of as it has evolved historically economic data which makes reference the news. Also as successful were forecasts in reference to the real news.

If we want to go to the forex charts, or graphs of currency, we should change tab and go to the option market or Market, where we will have quotes of main currency pairs live.

Despite consider me a trader who uses technical analysis to make their decisions, it is clear that a fundamental forex calendar is essential to cope with some success in the Forex market, well to operate Trading with the news, or on the contrary, to keep out when occur, especially those associated with the red symbol.

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